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“Traditional education” is simply not enough! Traditional education limits the opportunities that we can experience in life. Generally, when you follow what the masses do very seldom will you live with drive and fulfillment. At I Am Worthy Inc., we focus on MASTERY in having self expression to be, do, and have what you most desire in life.

We provide Mastery in business to build and sustain a company that serves more consumers and customers imaginable. And our Mastery in MONEY delivers the skills, mindset, and vital principles for creating financial freedom including the formula for unlimited wealth. Register for a live event!

“I think I’m greedy, but I’m not greedy for money – I think that can be a burden – I’m greedy for an exciting life.” 
– David Hockney

I Am Worthy Inc. (IAWI), is a leading personal and professional development company that offers unique and spiritually based education and world class training on shifting mindset, wealth and financial strategies and self-exploration to achieve a life of big dream fulfillment and lasting success. IAWI is highly motivated to create the opportunity through its education to have the life you want and enjoy financial freedom. We focus on the education of self and relationship with money.

There is a vast need for people that don’t know how to use, invest, and save money properly. We are a voice of good reason to remind you how special highly favored you are to achieve success regardless of past circumstances.

We also have designed live events and services to help you experience happiness and joy in your life through our personal development programs.

We are committing 100% to work with those individuals who are hungry and desire CHANGE—those willing to “unlearn” and abandon bad programming and limited beliefs, which have traditionally blocked them from attaining success.
Our client profile consists of anyone who

> Feels stuck and unsure why they can’t move forward
> Wants to succeed financially
> Wants to succeed personally
> Perhaps doing well financially in terms of making money
> Can’t keep or save money (no matter how much they make)
> Doesn’t invest often or at all
> Have a poor money story (growing up)
> Not educated on financial principles
> Need to pay off debt
> Feeling unfulfilled and unhappy with life

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I Am Worthy, Inc.’s Mission

To provide mind blowing live events that captivate and motivate individuals to seek a life without boundaries.  To inspire people to live fully and have the GOOD LIFE now. These programs show you how to live the life you want and become successful personally, professionally and financially.

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