A Course In Worthiness

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My Name is Amani Ahmed.

I’m a Wealth + Consciousness Teacher, Author, Speaker and Creator of I Am Worthy, Inc. movement, a consciousness development company.

“Amani, people need the gift and talent that you have to offer the world.
You were made to do it.”
— Neale Donald Walsch, Personal Mentor

“I know there are a lot of success gurus and I have attended most of their events. But Amani has a unique style that I connected to instantly. I felt she understood me and my limitations. And she didn’t buy into my weaknesses but showed me what my potential was.”
K. Anderson

“I love being around Amani and attending her events. My life has improved ten-fold.”
K. Johnson

For the past 16+ years, I’ve been studying the most overlooked aspects of the human mind. While teaching high-performers how to develop the mindset and self-worth necessary to live beyond what they had ever imagined–I discovered something. We are all Worthy.

There are a lot of people in the world who claim they know how to teach self-mastery. Few can teach you how to bring peace to your mind and unite your greatest talents. I now guide others into this flowing state of peace and passion, so that you can gather and direct every want, action, and emotion of life toward your greatest goal—your purpose.

“You have the potential of being a great speaker.”
— Bob Proctor, Personal Mentor

“My perception of myself and life has changed and for the better. I have learned so much from Amani and her stories of struggle. I am more confident in myself and my purpose.”
G. Lawrence

“Amani is a spiritual master in every right. I have strengthened my connection with my Maker which was weak for many years. I am accepting and loving of myself. I have changed my belief system that now brings me more joy and happiness.”
E. Kennedy

Having served as a financial confidant and mindset mentor to top 1% earners–professional athletes, attorneys, doctors, CPAs, politicians, and successful business owners–I understand the complexities of merging wealth with self-worth.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, rich or poor, young or old, no two stories are the same…

Truth be told, I’ve experienced great wealth–all the struggles that come with it–and I know well what it means to lose it all. I’ve dealt with extensive loss, and I understand the anxieties that come along with that insatiable need and desire to earn more, to Become more. That’s why my teachings focus on a creative approach to your “next level of success.”

Put simply, I show anyone in need how to develop the wealth mindset, self-belief, confidence, and spiritual guidance necessary to create a life beyond what you can imagine. I explain much of this in my book, Detach From Reality And Create History. Only when you embrace the freedoms of the mind can you create a life without restriction.

Right now I’m taking my experience and first-hand knowledge to the world. I’m here to equip you with a healthier, happier, and more purpose-driven lifestyle. Believe it or not, You Are Worthy of so much more.

Embrace the freedoms of the mind…
Live a life without restriction.

A Course In Worthiness:

How To Transform Every Fear And Fulfill Every Desire