A Course In Worthiness

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is your first step on your journey to living your every true desire. You are currently in a place of discovery. You are asking questions like…

  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose in life?
  • Why am I unfulfilled?
  • What’s my mission on the planet?

You are a SEEKER because you desire to understand yourself, your heart and your place in this world much better. Your next step is to find the answers to your burning questions and more to EVOLVE.

We have two offerings to help you on your journey!

A Course In Worthiness

A free 5-part audio course on how to transform every fear and fulfill every desire. Underneath every unmet desire is a belief that you’re not worthy of that desire. In this 5-part series, you’ll learn how to uncover old disempowering beliefs that keep you stuck and transform them into living the life of your dreams.

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Sacred Circle

When you come to a private Sacred Circle, you learn how to navigate your life in a higher way. At these events, we work on either your wealth, your health or your life. Network with a like-minded community, gain expert knowledge and have deep conversation about stepping into your abundant life. We invite you to spend an evening with us.

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A Course In Worthiness:

How To Transform Every Fear And Fulfill Every Desire