A Course In Worthiness

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is your final step in your spiritual development. The BECOME phase of your growth is about who you are in Absolute Truth. You’re past questioning and seeking answers about who you are. Now you’re living in your truth–not an old idea of it. Because your Old Self and New (True) Self are in conflict, there is a period of shedding the old as you BECOME your true self.

You have done a lot of work to get to this point, and the final step in your journey is doing deep work to rid yourself of your old way of being. This can only be done through thorough examination of oneself and takes courage to reveal and remove the costumes. With the right support, you can truly live in abundance and freedom.

BECOME is the epitome of “having it all” and comes with great peace, direction, intuition, deep knowing and connectedness.

As you courageously BECOME who you were designed to become, we have two mentoring programs to accelerate and support you in your development.

The Unexamined Life

Private, 90-Day Spiritual Mentoring

“Worth isn’t measured by anyone but yourself.” – Amani

You’re naturally driven. You already read self-development books on a routine basis. You work hard to be self-made, strive for success, and know darn well that you possess certain talents unlike anyone else. You may even feel like you’re here on assignment–that you have a special purpose in this world…

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Trusted Life Advisor

Amani Ahmed is a private Trusted Life Advisor to top professionals, including CEO’s, celebrities, and persons with a public career and/or high network who need a professional, high-end confidant to discuss life and spiritual topics, deepen awareness and understanding of themselves and the world about them, and create an incredibly rich and abundant life.

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A Course In Worthiness:

How To Transform Every Fear And Fulfill Every Desire