A Course In Worthiness

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Soulful Conversations
For Seekers

You are a human being having a spiritual experience. You’re here to learn about yourself,
to discover your purpose and to create what you deeply desire.

When you have an understanding of your truth in Life, Health and Wealth,
you gain control of your life and nothing is missing.

Sacred Circles help you
navigate your life
better, deeper and richer.

We cover 3 key life topics…


Sacred Circles about wealth help you expand your consciousness. In our private Sacred Circles, you will have teaching and deep conversation around stepping into your abundance, gaining perspective on your current money story and inspired action wealthy people know and take.


Sacred Circles about health are designed to help you FEEL at your highest and best. It’s time for top performers to have a deep conversation around self-care, nutrition and your health. The greatest asset you have isn’t money…it’s not even time–it’s your health! Without key health, you can’t enjoy your wealth or your time! Learn how stress impacts your body, to increase your energy 10X or even 100X and how to tap in to your true ability to heal.


Sacred Circles about life are designed to help you create breakthroughs around your personal desires, goals, relationships through self-awareness, self-exploration, self-love or self-worth. There are Spiritual Laws to success. Learn how to create what you truly desire!

Join us at our Next Sacred Circle – March 23!