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Amani Ahmed is a private Trusted Life Advisor to top professionals, including CEO’s, celebrities, and persons with a public career and/or high networth who need a professional, high-end confidant to discuss life and spiritual topics, deepen awareness and understanding of themselves and the world about them, and create an incredibly rich and abundant life.

When you’re at the top, the path is much narrower…

Few people have the ability to challenge you.
Fewer people can be trusted on a deep level that impacts the direction and manifestation of your life.

“It has always been my nature for people to feel comfortable
to share their most vulnerable issues with me.
It is almost that they sense it.”

— Amani

Amani’s level of awareness/spiritual wisdom, care and respect for privacy and confidentiality, and a commitment to see them as the perfect creation God has made and honor that always is what makes working with her different than most advisors.

Additionally, most spiritual leaders don’t leave themselves available to serve in this capacity and work with clients individually.

“I can tell her anything and I know it will only stay with her.
And more importantly I don’t feel
less of a person telling someone my secret.
I don’t feel judged.”

— A Trusted Life Advisor Client

Deep, Powerful Conversations are required for Accelerated Awareness.

We may work on these issues (and more)
as they uniquely present themselves in your life:

  • Questioning your life
  • Feeling spiritually unsettled or deeply seeking
  • Making the next business deal
  • Dealing with a setback (huge success often means periods of
    huge setback, which can be public)
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Forgiveness
  • Deepened intimacy and love in relationships
  • Serving God vs. serving who and what the world
    (your fans, your employees, your family, etc.) wants you to be
  • Creating a meaningful legacy
  • Living with zero regret
  • Learning to live from a heightened state of intuition
    and the ability to make true “heart-based” decisions with spiritual awareness

How is this different from leadership or life coaching?

Life coaching is vastly less potent than having a true, spiritually rooted Trusted Advisor and sounding board. Amani helps provide an anchor for making sound, spiritual, and well intentioned decisions and create a more abundant life with great freedom on the inside.

How does it work?

We will have multiple communications (whatever is needed) monthly-in person or online depending on your needs/schedule and requests. There is actually no time limit set on us working together. Details surrounding how much advisement you need will be determined at the onset of our agreement, but the program is designed with massive openness and flexibility to serve you in a way that you’ve never been able to be served.

What is the investment?

This is both a time and financial commitment and Amani works with clients in-person and virtually, but usually a combination of both. If you are interested in working together, please fill out the form below.

All of your information will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

If you are at the top of your game, but feel something is missing…and you desire to work alongside a Trusted Advisor who has experienced massive success, massive setbacks and is deeply spiritually rooted, let’s have a deep, powerful conversation.

*Serious inquiries only.

My Name Is Amani Ahmed

I’m a Wealth + Consciousness Teacher, Author, Speaker and Creator of I Am Worthy, Inc. movement, a consciousness development company.

For the past 16+ years, I’ve been studying the most overlooked aspects of the human mind. While teaching high-performers how to develop the mindset and self-worth necessary to live beyond what they had ever imagined–I discovered something. We are all Worthy.

There are a lot of people in the world who claim they know how to teach self-mastery… Few can teach you how to bring peace to your mind and unite your greatest talents. I now guide others into this flowing state of peace and passion, so that you can gather and direct every want, action, and emotion of life toward your greatest goal–your purpose.

Having served as a financial confidant and mindset mentor to top 1% earners–professional athletes, attorneys, doctors, CPAs, politicians, and successful business owners–I understand the complexities of merging wealth with self-worth.

“Amani spoke at a women’s conference I attended and I found myself crying uncontrollably. So I asked to speak to her privately afterwards. Amani gave me SO MUCH insight about myself and what’s been holding me back. I’m so glad that I was there to hear her speak and now I’m a business owner of 4 companies after trying to start just 1 company for 17 years.”

T. Cunningham

“I love being around Amani and attending her events. My life has improved ten-fold.”

K. Johnson

“I live a pretty good life. I have a wonderful family, career, and stable life. When I met Amani she could sense a feeling of sadness which I was trying to hide. After a few sessions, she helped me realized that although I have a good life I was still unfulfilled. She has such a strong spirit and so grateful for the work that she’s doing.”

H. Banks

“Amani- you are a Natural Healer and it’s ok to heal yourself.”

Deborah Norris, Founder, The Mindfulness Center

Do Your Deepest Work.

The Unexamined Life

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